Q: I am allergic to gold. Is titanium a better choice for my skin?
A: Yes, titanium is more inert than most metals, it is 100% hypoallergenic, so people with reactions to gold
will have no
reaction to titanium.

Q: You use 6Al/4V titanium. Why is it better then other grades of titanium?
A: The 6Al/4V titanium is an alloy with 6% Aluminum and 4% Vanadium added for strength. This grade of
titanium exhibits a higher tensile strength which offers better resistance to demanding wear, a far superior
metal for jewelry.

Q: What about cutting off a titanium ring in case of an accident?
A: If you injure your finger the first thing you should do is remove your ring as quickly as possible. Then
you should go directly to the emergency room for medical attention. If you where unable to remove your
ring do to your injury the doctor can remove the ring by simply cutting it off, which is a safe and common

Q: Can you do engraving?
A: Yes, we offer personalized custom engraving on the outside diameter of the ring, up to 21 characters. Our
custom engraving is machined deep into the ring so that the characters will not wear away over time, unlike
most titanium ring manufactures who laser etch there designs, or their engraving is done with a
computerized engraving machine, commonly used in the industry that only scratches the image into the
surface of the ring, both methods are inferior to a deep machined engraving which will provide a timeless
piece to be enjoyed for a lifetime.            

Q: Can a titanium  ring be resized?
A: I would not recommend or even attempt to stretch a titanium ring, the best thing to do is simply return
your ring for your correct size, and we will make sure you are completely satisfied with your purchase. See
our return policy.

Q: Do you offer a comfort fit on your rings?
A: 99% of our rings are manufactured with a comfort fit on the interior diameter, at no extra charge to our
customer. Unlike other manufacturers we offer a "true comfort fit" design, not simply rounding off the inner
corners of the ring, which is referred to as a "semi-comfort-fit".

Q: Why are your rings so affordable?
A: It is because we have skilled craftsmen and use state-of-the-art high performance CNC equipment. All of
our rings are made by us, we do not sell imported products. ARC is a California Corporation established in
1979, we have been a manufacturing company for thirty years. We have taken a fresh and new look as to the
manufacturing of titanium rings. We at ARC will always make a great product sold at a fair price here in the

Q: How are ARC Titanium Rings made?
A: Unlike gold or silver rings, which are cast into many shapes, ARC Titanium Rings are all machined from
solid bar stock. The rings are first turned on CNC lathe, then if needed engraving is done on a CNC fourth
axis mill, last the desired finish is applied, the ring is inspected and ready to be shipped.

Q: What is the true color of titanium?
A: Titanium is a white metal in appearance, with a slight charcoal gray hue (depending on the finishing
process) it may even be compared to the look of platinum, but slightly darker in color than silver or white

Q: Can I have my ring re-polished if needed?    
A: Yes, Just send it to us and we will repolish it to a new condition if possible, we can also re-antique your
ring after polishing, all for a nominal fee plus shipping and handling. I would not recommend the
repolishing of your titanium ring by a local jewelry store or attempt it yourself for this may damage your
ring and void your lifetime warranty. Let us take care of the reconditioning of your ring so it my be enjoyed
for a lifetime, with exceptional value. You may even want to change the finish on your ring which may be an
option to consider.

Q: What do the different finishes look like?
A: Go to "Finishes" on our home page and you will find detailed pictures and descriptions of the finishes we

Q: Can a titanium ring get scratched?
A: Yes, but not as easily as a softer metal such as gold or silver, scuff marks may start to appear from
everyday wear depending on your work environment, in most cases the scratches are not very deep and
repolishing will restore your ring to a new condition. Titanium rings that are worn for some time will have
the appearance of a fine brushed look, which many find most attractive. I would suggest our matte finish for
a harder work environment, satin or brushed will hold up nicely against scuff marks, I myself save a polished
ring for special occasions, their is nothing more impressive then a titanium ring with a high shine finish
which creates a stunning deep luster and is most impressive!